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What is lock rekeying, exactly? It's an efficient and more up-to-date technique of resetting locks, which many people refer to as changing the lock. Rekeying is a procedure in which our skilled and experienced technicians use their tools to reset the inner encryption of your locks, leaving them only accessible to the new key of your choice which we can cut right there on the spot to ensure absolute security. It is simpler and less expensive version of changing locks out, as you can keep the existing locks you already have installed but refreshed as if brand new. This is best for locks which have been potentially compromised or for new properties or situations in which someone has moved out and you'd no longer like for others to have access to your property. Either way, one call to the security specialists here at Kansas City Chief Locksmith and we can have your locks rekeyed, and working like new again and assure that your doors will keep you out of harms way. 


We are a reputable and long-term premier locksmith company serving the greater Kansas City and the surrounding areas. We can rekey any lock regardless of the brand and model. In fact, our locksmith technicians are familiar with major lock brands, and equipped with the latest technology and tools to open your home, office or vehicle faster without causing any damage. We understand the dangers of an authorized person possessing the keys to your vehicle, office and home. Therefore, we are up to the task to ensure that you enjoy your property stress free. We are the leading Kansas City rekey service provider, so do not allow inexperienced locksmiths to handle your lock security needs. In fact, we guarantee that old keys will never work and we can assure you that unauthorized persons will never gain access to your property.You could have the best locks in the world but if they're not installed or maintained with proper knowledge and care then you may as well leave the doors wide open. That's where we come in. Our lock experts will do the job with the utmost care to make sure you're able to sleep peacefully at night knowing your property is secure as can be. Call now and get a quote or have a locksmith sent out today!


Your security and satisfaction is very crucial to us, which is why we work only with competent and experienced locksmith professionals. Some companies and individuals prefer to have their keys changed completely, but we guarantee that our high quality rekey services are enough to boost your safety and security solutions. Our local technicians are reliable and can get to you in less than 15 minutes. In fact, our technicians are insured, bonded and licensed to offer the best quality services in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. With our quick, affordable services, you can save your money, time and stress of having to deal with break in or theft incident in the future.

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To find out more about our Kansas City rekey services, please contact us today, and one of our locksmith professionals will offer you free consultation and quotes with regard to your specific needs. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for both emergencies and appointments. If you want to feel safe knowing that you decide who has keys to your locks, let Chief Locksmith handle the job.